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Dragon Techniques

On this page we will add a number of videos highlighting techniques used with specific fit out options.


Petticrow Dragon "Biff" Tacking using new fine tune system on Genoa sheeting.. Going into the tack Tom in the front releases the Genoa sheet fine tune rope .This action releases the Genoa sheet cleat. This enables Katy to release the Genoa sheet at the right moment from windward deck ( no need to uncleat loaded sheet) , change sides and pull Genoa sheet on new tack. Tom pulls fine tune on the new tack to finish trimming the Genoa sheet. This enables Katy to then trim the new windward runner fine tune. Me ( Tim Tavinor) release windward runner fine tune going into the tack. Ease a bit of mainsheet during tack. When on new tack , centralise mainsheet traveller and then trim on the slightly eased mainsheet .