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Petticrows Evolution (E) mast

The Petticrows Evolution (E) mast has been several years in development.

We identified that ideally we would like front weld taper at the tip of the mast to ensure that masts have a smooth bend throughout.

This process is technically quite difficult as the aluminium selected needs heat treating (tempered) after the tapering/machining process is completed.

Two stiffnesses available.  Standard - E mast and the Stiff - E + mast

Both sections have the same external dimensions but the E+ has slightly thicker wall section therefore overall stiffer.

We have modernised the mast with a new range of light, low drag fittings which have been designed to allow easy servicing.

Choice of the traditional non rotating boom to mast connection OR rotating boom to mast connection.
The rotating style decreases the forces on the mast. These are used in conjunction with a hydraulic boom lift or the fixed style boom lift.

Sailors began using the Evolution section mast in 2018 with Jurgen Schoenherr winning Helsinki Gold Cup overall and Provezza Team winning three consecutive races – both teams were using the standard E mast.

In the 2019 Worlds Fremantle Provezza Team also  overall using an E+ section, Klaus Diederichs 3rd using an E standard and Peter Gilmour  4th using E+

E or E+ sections will come as standard on all new boats.

Click here for a detailed version of the E mast guide >>>