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2010 Class rules – Rope rigging now approved

The proposal to allow the use rope rigging was put to ISAF in 2009 and has now been approved and incorporated in the new 2010 Dragon class rules (rule 7.1)

The original proposal was initially rejected in 2008 due to concerns about the lifespan of rope rigging. With this in mind the IDA set up a testing programme involving several sailors based at various locations around the world and after a favourable response the decision to allow rope rigging was ratified.

During this testing period Petticrows have worked hard to find an ideal combination of rope type, fittings and splices which enables this system to be used effectively.

The main advantages of using rope rigging are:

Reduced chaffing from rigging on mainsail and fittings.

Freer running so rigging releases more easily during manoeuvres.

Ease of maintenance, no specialist tools are required to change rigging.

Petticrows can supply rope rigging kits to enable conversion of rigging from wire to rope.

Set of rope under deck runners £60 + VAT

Set of rope above deck runners £70 + VAT

Under deck rope backstay £25 + VAT

Above deck rope backstay £40 + VAT

New style deck swivels £42.00 each - 3 required (these have larger diameter holes than existing swivels).

New style bone terminals £13.38 each – These have smoother radiused bearing surfaces.

The existing bone terminals can be used however we recommend that the holes edges are filed to radius them.

Wire rigging tends to damage the turning blocks, if damaged blocks are used they will destroy the rope rigging.

We therefore recommend that the following blocks are inspected and replaced if showing signs of wear if changing to rope rigging.

Harken 302 x 2 Through bulkhead runner blocks £31.25 + VAT each

Harken 308 x 2 Underdeck runner blocks £59.26 + VAT each

Harken 304 x1 Under deck backstay block £38.82 + VAT each

To order any rope rigging parts please contact or through our Dragon Parts >>>

Please note that changing to rope rigging may require your mast to be remeasured to ensure compliance with class rules (especially tip weight on fixed diamond mast).