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Team Tigger take the Open Belgian Championships.

Ostend was the setting for the Open Belgian Championships; a regatta in its own right and a warm up for the Dragon Gold Cup which is being held there next week.

After a tough regatta with long days on the water and extreme tidal conditions mathematically 4 boats could win the championship going into the last race.

As could be expected Poul Richard Hoj Jensen fought hard to win the final race, however Tim Tavinor crewed by Thomas Wilton and Pedro Andrade crossed the line in a solid second place to take the title.

Relative newcomer to the Dragons Ben Van Cauwenbergh continued his successful season to finish third overall and Belgian National Championship. give a more detailed account of the regatta. for the final results

1. Tim Tavinor GBR 744 Petticrow, Norths.
2. Poul-Richard GBR 745 Petticrow, Norths.
3. Ben Cauwenbergh BEL 80 Petticrow, Norths.
4. Ted Sawyer USA 310 Petticrow, Norths.
5. Marcus Brenneke GER 10 Petticrow, Fritz.