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The Aussies on the move...

We received this fantastic e-mail from Roger Hickman in Australia. The "Shapes" team have been busy attending all the Australian Interstate events......

Hi there Tim, the Shapes has been on tour, seriously on tour.

We left Sydney in November bound for Hobart for the Prince Phillip Cup, then on to Melbourne for the Victorian State Championships and then all the way across Australian to Fremantle for the Western Australian Championships and on back to Sydney.Some 8880 Kilometres - London to Moscow and back !!!!!
and some 27 dragon Races.The reason I did the miles is a secret but it was certainly worth every hot dusty one of them.

Nick Rogers Won in Tasmania, Wolf, Bez, Dan & Hicko won in Melbourne and King Richard Lynn, Ian Olson and brother Lynn won in Fremantle, Great Sailing, just great.

Tim I took some images as I crossed the Nullarbor Plains with the
Petticrows built Shapes and your logo just to prove we were there.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I did travelling along the straight roads of Australia.

I hope you are well and building those beautiful Dragons. We have been just loving sailing the Shapes.

Cheers Hicko.