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McLube Hullkote Speed Polish

Over the last few months we have been testing this new speed polish……it seems to do exactly what it says on the tin!!

Keeping you hull looking good and clean for extensive periods, and a clean boat is a fast boat.

All new Petticrows Dragons will be finished using McLube Hullkote speed polish, but it is a worthwhile addition to your trailer box inventory for application during the racing season.

- Environmentally friendly
- Citrus based natural degreaser and polish
- Same active ingredient suspension as sailkote
- Provides superior UV protection and can be applied to spars as well as hulls
- No harmful petroleum distillates
- Keeps your hull cleaner for longer
- It lasts for more than 20 days of hard sailing (after 2-3 coats it will likely last more than 30 days), and is highly hydrophobic and is proving to be very fast in all one-design field testing over the past year.
- Applies in half the time of petroleum based products. Simply wipe on and wipe off without drying time.
- Very, very fast

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